Moringa Capsules

Abundance Moringa powder capsules are made of 100% pure Moringa Oleifera leaf powder.
Moringa capsules are an excellent way to maintain and enhance health. All the nutrients you need in the convenience of a gelatine capsule.

By taking 3 capsules in the morning you’ll be giving your body the advantages it needs to stay healthy in our challenging everyday lives. The maintenance of our bodies is essential for the prevention of disease.

(There’s no recommended or required dosage of Moringa at this time since it’s only a herbal supplement and not an essential nutrient. That being said, there’s some evidence that the optimum dose for humans has been calculated to be 29 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. It’s recommended that you start by taking half a teaspoon of dried Moringa orally per day for three to five days, increasing your intake slowly over two weeks as you get accumulated to its effects. Most people choose to take Moringa every several days but not every single day for a long duration of time, since it can cause laxative effects and an upset stomach when overused.)

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