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The seeds of the Moringa oleifera plant are among the most nutritious and useful botanical products available. These versatile seeds can be used in a variety of ways including as medicinal and herbal remedies, as nutritional supplements and for industrial and agricultural purposes. Moringa seeds are edible in both fresh and dried forms and, along with the seed pods that contain them, can be prepared in numerous ways as both food and medicine. The medicinal properties of the moringa seed are well documented in the scientific literature and are further supported by the experiences of generations of traditional Ayurvedic practitioners.

Moringa Seeds PKM1
Exclusive superior variety for fresh fruit (DRUMSTICK) and oil production
AGF PKM1 moringa seeds, a superior variety from pure line breeding program ensure high productivity plants. It can be grown in varied types of soils with good drainage. The PKM1 seeds incorporate beneficial traits and it is evolved through pure line selection. That is why it is world leader in large scale plantation, for quality fruit and oil production. You can buy moringa seeds at competitive prices from us as we process your orders at minimum time.
A hybrid variety, PKM1 was derived from Moringa oleifera and it is grown for its heavy biomass and tender leaves. Characteristic features of these hybrid varieties include wide and dark green leaves, long and tender pods, bushy habit and rapid growth after cropping. Moringa PKM1 seeds were developed at Periya Kulam Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu. This gives largest yields at the shortest period. PKM1 had a better taste than other hybrid varieties. It is one of the hybrid moringa varieties to give a higher yield when compared to others. Length of each pod is 45-75 cms. Each plant yields 300-400 sticks.

While many parts of Moringa Oleifera trees are deemed useful, the seeds are especially prized for their medicinal powers. The seeds have valuable properties that enable them to treat a wide array of illnesses and conditions. The National Charity for Organic Growing has studied the efficacy of Moringa Oleifera seeds as a medial treatment and found that they provide legitimate relief for many medical problems. These include rheumatism, gout, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary infections, boils, and even epilepsy. When used as medicine, the seeds are pounded and mixed with coconut oil. Often, seed oil derived from the Moringa Oleifera seeds will be used in place of the mashed seeds

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